• The main part of the show is staged within the forest, using a clearing or sparsely wooded area of up to 75m in diameter. This area accommodates the staging and viewing areas for the audience , whom are invited to move through the space with the performers whom activate different installations, consisting of props and objects, including ladders, tables, a shed, a collection of green woodworking tools, a bodgers shelter etc.
  • A walk in or trail is also preferable to allow a sense of journey to a place. This can be between 500m and 1km.
  • Surrounding the audience and performance spaces are up to 16 small ground level loud speakers that create a low level but clear surround sound system.
  • There are also large scale video projections onto gauze hung between trees and low level fire effects.
  • As no two woodlands are the same the work is designed to be highly adaptable and is configured to fit in with the landscape, flora and topography of the space.
  • The show is approximately 1.5hrs long for between 200-250 audience.



  • The show aim is to have a minimal impact on the flora and fauna of the forest, though there will obviously be some human disturbance during rehearsal, set up and show times.
  • When selecting site it important to find a space where the foot fall of up to two hundred people per night will not adversely affect any sensitive understory plants or fauna.
  • Some movement of fallen deadwood, tree stumps and dangerous overhanging branches, brambles or bracken would need to be considered to allow the safe foot fall and transit of the audience within the space.
  • Members of the company have many year so experience working in forest environments, within the context of creative arts, conservation and forestry.
  • Sound and light will also impact on the environment but will be time limited to the short duration of the show, sound check and set up time.
  • Where possible it would be ideal to undertake an environmental impact survey by a qualified expert to reassure the company (and local people) that no long term adverse effects on the environment will take place.

Health and Safety

The company and event production staff have many year experience of working in remote outdoor environments and have an in depth understanding of all elements relating to risk assessment and avoidance.

  • A full risk assessment and event plan will be produced for each site.
  • The company (Trophic Cascade Ltd) is covered for up to £10million public and employee liability.
  • Fire extinguishers will be present on site at all times.
  • Qualified first aiders and first aid kit are on site.
  • The show will be stewarded by briefed FOH staff.
  • Safety batter back up emergency lighting is present on site at all times.
  • Power is provided by a silent running 10kva generator distributing power to the site via a network of 32a and 16a cables and distribution boxes.
  • C form connectors and 30ma RCD trip switching throughout each zone.
  • All kit is PAT tested by the company.