An extraordinary outdoor journey celebrating our trees and woods in sound light and song.

Tree and Woodis a new immersive outdoor performance produced by Jony Easterby in collaboration with a diverse range of multi-talented artists, exploring our relationship with trees and forests.

Tree and Wood sees Easterby team up with musician and composer Nathaniel Mann (Dead Rat Orchestra), singer songwriter Emily Williams (Ember), audio maverick Matthew Olden (The Mighty Jungulator) alongside musicians Pippa Taylor and Sam Robinson.

At the onset of darkness, in amongst the trees, the audience are invited to take a journey through the wild landscape of Ynys Hir where the artists will enchant and amaze you with a spectacle of sound, light and song tracing a story through visions of arcadia, colonization, deforestation, war, industry and ecological restoration.

Easterby is known for the quality of his extraordinary immersive sound and light and performance works sited in eclectic locations around the world, including the sell-out success For the Birdswhich premiered at Ynys Hir in 2015. The show has been developed at the companies base in the Dyfi valley.

Tree and Wood is a spectacle to behold….

It is a breathtaking sight and an extraordinary achievement. Gaurdian.