‘Tree and Wood’ is a new immersive performance by Jony Easterby, creator of sell-out success For the Birds at NewZealand Festival & Brighton Festival. This new project explores man’s relationship with trees and forests from a cultural, ecological, arboricultural and agricultural perspective.

For this project he has been collaborating with the award winning musician and sound artist Nathaniel Mann to create a performative song cycle which draws on the folk traditions of the British Isles.

Drawing the most resonate and powerful of this work Tree and Wood is set in a forest at dusk, inviting audiences of all ages to journey into the heart of the forest to experience a narrative of sound, song and performance.

At dusk the audience is transported into a dreamlike realm through a series of installations, music and performance, bringing smell, touch and sounds to the forefront of our consciousness.

Using a combination of high and low-tech elements Tree and Wood is a combination of sculpture, sound works, multi speaker systems, video projections, architectural forms and landscaped design. These explore traditional forest crafts/green woodworking, silviculture (cultivation of trees), ecology and other environmental themes.

Jony Easterby’s Tree and Wood is a spectacle to behold. …… the space is transformed into a series of stage sets that take the audience from opulent visions of a pre-lapsarian Arcadia (fruit, plants, vegetation) to industry, conflict, the colonisation of Native American land and, finally, a message of peace: “Still the trees they grow,” sings Easterby.

Multilayered sound mixes human yelps with electronic beats and the hammer and tongs of industry, while a two-man saw is played with a bow to eerie effect. The lights drop in the final scene like a curtain falling on the forest, before the back of the copse blazes up to signify nature’s resilience. It is a breathtaking sight and an extraordinary achievement of sound technology within the natural elements.

The Guardian

Artists and Tecnicians

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Nathaniel Mann

Singer Songwriter

He is best known for his work with avant-folk ensemble Dead Rat Orchestra, who specialize in site specific performances and concept driven tours of unorthodox locations, challenging traditional concert settings.
His recent work has involved the creation of several acclaimed radio 4 documentaries.

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Jony Easterby

Artist Producer and Director

Jony Easterby is an artist, designer, maker, producer, director, performer, a passionate naturalist and plants-man.Using both digital and analogue media, Jony investigates the boundaries between raw elemental materials, sound technology, composition, landscape and architecture.

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Emily Williams

Singer Songwriter

Welsh singer and songwriter Emily Williams formerly of the duo Ember, brings her 20 years of and 10 albums of experience  to sail through the mix with her violin and chunky rhythms of her nylon-strung guitar.Link to Soundcloud

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Mattthew Olden

Sound designer

Mattthew is a computer artist who makes interesting things by programming his computer. He makes a wide range of computer programs that make music. Matthew then more often than not uses these programs in performance.His practice has lead him to play in many top venues around the world, get work published, accept awards, appear on telly and get to meet various royal families.

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Pippa Taylor


Pippa Taylor is an artist and musician based in mid Wales.A multi instrumentalist playing piano, viola and fiddle. She is also an accomplished woodcarver and painter who has created both public artworks and exhibited internationally

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Esther Tew

STage Management Esther Tew is an outdoor artist based in west-mid Wales, working in stunning landscapes and waterscapes through the day and night. Working with installation, sculpture, performance, play, sound, light and the heavily weathered great outdoors.

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Harriet Wallis

Lighting Designer and Technician

Harriet Wallis is an installation artist, lighting designer and co-founder of dim productions.

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Liam Cyclops Walsh

SOund and Light Technician

Liam Walsh is a unique human being. A one in a billion find who helps us create a perfect vision of what the show should look like with sound and light.

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Sam Robinson


Percussionist Sam Robinson lives in west Wales where he also works as a shepherd. He is a coordinator with  of the Land Workers Alliance, a union founded on the principles of food sovereignty and agroecology. He plays on the wing for Clwb Rygbi Machynlleth.

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Dan Gifford

Sound Engineer

Dan is a sound engineer and videographer who lives in West Wales. 

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Julian Russell


Jules is our very own smouldering resident lumbersexual. When he is allowed to come and play with us he brings a lifetime of working with both forestry and carpentry to add an air of authenticity to the theatre of the forest.