Tree and Wood is a new outdoor, immersive performance by Jony Easterby, in collaboration with singer song writers Nathaniel Mann, Emily Williams, Sound Designer Matthew Olden alongside musicians Pippa Taylor, Pete Flood and Sam Robinson.

The work encompasses physical performance, sound and light installation, and songs both old and new. Set in the forest at dusk to dark, it  explores the immediate tangible experience of trees – smell, touch, sounds, using the forest as its backdrop. It invites participants of all ages to take a journey into the heart of the forest, wrapped in darkness and branches to explore our relationship over time with the trees and woods for which we depend on for our survival both past and present.

Set in the forest at the onset of darkness the audience are invited to move through the trees to find themselves exploring a montage of image sound, light and song.

Jony Easterby brings a year of research and experimentation to the development of ‘Tree and Wood’, supported by a Creative Wales Award  and production grant from the Arts Council of Wales and Oxford Contemporray Music (OCM).

This research has been developed along eight historical narrative themes – Arcadia, The Cut, The Greenwood Tyrant, Strangely like War, Industrialisation, Deforestation, Return to Eden, Sylviculture.


The show is designed to be site generic, where ever there are trees and woods – the show can be staged. Depending on budgetary restraints the format of the work can adapt to scale and budget, allowing an adapative offering ranging from a small set of installations and performances Although the songs will be presented mainly in English. The company also has Welsh, Spanish and French language singers. Many of the installations and performative elements are non linguistic.

Tree and Wood aims to reflect and use many aspects of our cultural and industrial relationship to working with green wood, horse logging hedge laying and a myriad of ways of working wood. These will be encompassed within installations, alongside traditional and elecroacoustic music, soundworks, installation and lighting.

The work aims to sit in a diverse audience demographic , both in ages and interests ; musical, environmental, outdoors, rural, audiophile, crafts and theatre.

The nature of the show means that it has a cross over appeal to both arts and non-arts audiences. It also allows people to have a genuinely uniquely immersive experience of the forest at night.

Tree and Wood is a immersive performance and installation adaptable to wooded spaces that have enough paths and clearings to allow both an audience journey and open ground.
Suitable for performance to an audience of up to 200-300 people.
It is designed to be experienced after the onset of darkness and lasts around 1.5 hours.

The show will be available for booking and touring from summer 2018 onwards .
For more information contact
Producer Jony Easterby: mail @ jonyeasterby.co.uk
Co producer Bettina Linstrum: bettina@artsagenda.co.uk